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I am a high school teacher in Georgia, and I am currently enrolled in a course to receive my Gifted Education Endorsement. Over the course of the next year, this blog will serve as a repository for information, instructional resources, and personal reflections on teaching gifted students. It is my hope that not only will... Continue Reading →

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Giftedness and PBS Independent Lens

PBS has an excellent and award-winning series called Independent Lens which features weekly broadcasts of independent documentaries covering a span of topics ranging from the agricultural system in the United States to rat infestation problems in Baltimore to wrongly convicted former inmates who now help to exonerate other innocent inmates. The series is a favorite... Continue Reading →

Reflection: The debate on grade acceleration has much support and much opposition. Research from Johns Hopkins University suggests that 2/7 students are ready for some form of curriculum acceleration, and if true, this prompts the need for schools and parents to reevaluate our stance on acceleration. With regard to grade acceleration, the primary concerns center around... Continue Reading →

Gifted Underachievers

"Gifted Underachieves" may sound like an oxymoron for gifted students are generally assumed to be the most high achieving. However, statistics from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights indicates that the gifted underachiever population totals over 453,000. Especially considering how many of our students may be gifted underachievers, an often frustrating outcome,... Continue Reading →

Creative Thinkers

If you had to divide your class into groups which classified them by learning attributes, you could generate a vast number of possibilities. In the realm of gifted education, three student groups often are the focus of comparison: gifted learners, high achievers, and creative thinkers. If you would like further information on the distinctions between... Continue Reading →

Giftedness: Important Theorists and Theories

While the definitions of "intelligence" or requirements for being classified as "gifted" shift by theorist and by state, there are some beliefs which transcend state lines. In short, it generally is agreed that students who are gifted possess a high level of aptitude, achievement, creativity, and motivation which sets them within the top 90% or higher... Continue Reading →

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